Simply CBD Concentrate

Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil
Derived from Leaves and Buds

About Our Oil

From growing to extraction-Simply CBD Concentrate is created with the highest intention

Our CBD oil is a full spectrum extract, meaning that it contains all of its original 500+ components including CBAs, CBEs, chlorophyll and terpenes. 


Simply CBD Concentrate contains virtually no THC, .0001% 

Our oil is extracted using pure ethanol- no butane or CO2 is ever used.


It is derived from the leaves and buds only, allowing for the  most potent extraction of the highest amount of CBDs, 

never from seeds and stems which contain almost no CBDs


By using highly oxygenated water (no chlorine or fluoride is left) premium growth is assured.


All of our plants are grown using crystal gridding.  Each 300 mg bottle is 70 doses and contains one quartz crystal for enhancement.

You can choose from an organic vegetable glycerin or coconut oil base. 


How Can CBD Oil Help You?


CBD Oil helps ease anxiety and stops panic attacks. It is very helpful with PTSD 

Chronic Pain

To help relieve chronic pain. It can be used orally or applied directly to the skin.  


It is well documented that CBD oil can stop seizures. Many of our customers use it just for this.

As A Sleep Aid

 Taken orally as a sleep aid, Simply CBD Concentrate is immediately effective.

Pet Friendly

For help with pets with anxiety, chronic pain, and to help prevent seizures.


Truth is, it used to treat many things: dementia, autism, glaucoma, crohn's disease and so much more


 “I was genuinely surprised after years of trying everything to relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and PTSD. The oil relieves the chronic pain topically and provides a calming effect internally, reduces inflammation and nausea, helps increase my appetite and even makes my teeth feel better.

We also have discovered that the oil is helpful for relieving itchy, irritated spots on our kitties!


“I’ve been in chronic pain since my mid 20's. I have arthritis in my knees, back pain, hip and ankle pain. Within 2 days of taking the oil I was actually able to stand up in the morning. I didn't have to fight and struggle to get out of the bed, I just STOOD UP!”


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300 mg Organic

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

$60 Each

in 2 oz of Organic Vegetable Glycerin or Organic Coconut Oil

60+ servings, 5 mg per serving

Medical Grade

Derived from Leaves and Buds Only

 plus $8 shipping for up to four bottles

Please excuse us. The site is still under construction and we are unable to take payments online. Please email to order or to inquire about wholesale pricing. 

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